Video Teaching


7-21-19 My Big Fat Mouth: Criticizing


7-14-19 My Big Fat Mouth: Gossip


7-7-19 My Big Fat Mouth: Complaining


6-23-19 Hero's Journey: Peter


6-16-19 Hero's Journey: Moses


6-9-19 Hero's Journey: Joseph


6-2-19 Hero's Journey: Esther


5-26-19 Can You Relate? The Others


5-19-19 Can You Relate? The Women


5-12-19 Can You Relate? The Disciples (Mother's Day)


5-5-19 Can You Relate? The Father


4-21-19 History in the Making: Easter Sunday


4-19-19 Good Friday


4-14-19 History in the Making: No More Sacrifice


4-7-19 History in the Making: Revolution


3-24-19 Forgiveness: Us Forgiving Others


3-17-19 Forgiveness: Us Forgiving Us


3-10-19 Forgiveness: God Forgiving Us


3-3-19 Forgiveness: Getting Real


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