Video Teaching


3-10-19 Forgiveness: God Forgiving Us


3-3-19 Forgiveness: Getting Real


2-24-19 Hope in the Dark: Ways Through


2-17-19 Hope in the Dark: Hero's Journey


2-10-19 Hope in the Dark: Who is God...?


2-3-19 Hope in the Dark: Questioning


1-27-19 Reflections: Acceptable Religion


1-20-19 Reflections: Hearing and Doing


1-13-19 Reflections: Temptation


1-6-19 Reflections: Perseverance


12-23-18 History in the Making: Loving


12-16-18 History in the Making: Listening


12-9-18 History in the Making: Plans


12-2-18 History in the Making: Story


11-18-18 Loaves and Fishes: Blessing


11-11-18 Loaves and Fishes: Balance


11-4-18 Loaves and Fishes: The Widow's Mite


10-28-18 This Is Us: How We Are


10-21-18 This Is Us: How We Are


10-14-18 This Is Us: Where We Are


10-07-18 This Is Us: Who We Are


9-23-18 Miracle Man: Death to Life


9-16-18 Miracle Man: Forgiveness


9-9-18 Miracle Man: Humility


8-26-18 The Expectation Gap: Big Little Bits


8-19-18 The Expectation Gap: God's Will


8-12-18 The Expectation Gap: Surprise!


8-5-18 The Expectation Gap: God is Not


7-8-18 Words To Live By: Building Houses


7-1-18 Words To Live By: Service To Others


6-24-18 Addicted: Finding Balance


6-17-18 Addicted: Out of Balance


6-10-18 Addicted: Overcoming


5-27-18 PUSH: Creating Space


5-20-18 PUSH: SOAP


5-13-18 PUSH: Pursuit


4-15-18 PUSH: Intimacy


4-8-18 PUSH: Push or Be Pushed


4-1-18 This Changes Everything: Life (Easter)


3-25-18 This Changes Everything: Power Shift


3-18-18 This Changes Everything: Naked


3-11-18 This Changes Everything: Why Sacrifice?


3-4-18 This Changes Everything: Starting Point


2-25-18 Songs and Stories: Encounter


2-18-18 Songs and Stories: Come Alive


2-11-18 Songs and Stories: Different


2-4-18 Songs and Stories: Even If


1-28-18 Becoming Disciples: Generosity


1-21-18 Becoming Disciples: Integrity (10th Birthday)


1-14-18 Becoming Disciples: Rest


1-7-18 Becoming Disciples: Persistence


12-31-17 The State of Things


12-24-17 Capturing Christmas: Love


12-10-17 Capturing Christmas: Hope


12-03-17 Capturing Christmas: Faith


11-19-17 Ancient Faith/modern spirituality: Thankful


11-12-17 Ancient Faith/modern spirituality: Meditate


11-5-17 Ancient Faith/modern spirituality: Lectio


10-22-17 Love Well: The Neighborhood


10-15-17 Love Well: Major Minors


10-8-17 Love Well: Being


10-1-17 Love Well: Are We Good?


9-24-17 Upside Down Living: Finding Life


6-11-17 On The Move: The Neighborhood


6-4-17 On The Move: Plan B


5-28-17 Modus Operandi: Fear


5-21-17 Modus Operandi: Aimless


5-14-17 Modus Operandi: How I Feel


5-7-17 Modus Operandi: My Rights


4-23-17 Naturally Supernatural: Pass It On


4-16-17 Naturally Supernatural: Risen!


4-9-17 Naturally Supernatural: Oh The Humanity


4-2-17 Naturally Supernatural: God With Us


3-26-17 Grasping Infinity: Especially Fond


3-12-17 Grasping Infinity: Is He Good


3-5-17 Grasping Infinity: Think Big


2-26-17 In The Valley: You Comfort Me


2-19-17 In The Valley: You Prepare A Table


2-12-17 In The Valley: You Anoint My Head


2-5-17 In The Valley: You Are With Me


1-22-17 Being: Be Vulnerable


1-15-17 Being: Be Generous


1-1-17 Being: Be Rich


12-18-16 Come and Worship: Pour Out Your Heart


12-11-16 Come and Worship: Bring Your Gifts


12-04-16 Come and Worship: Lift Your Hands


11-13-16 Power of A Whisper: God Calling


11-6-16 Big News


First Person: Paul and Silas


First Person: Balaam


First Person: Mary


First Person: Nehemiah