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January 19, 2020
Where Do We Go From Here? Discipline over Regret

Reactive vs. Proactive

By James Vogt and Kevin Bravo
January 12, 2020
Where Do We Go From Here? Truth Over Lies

Climbing El Capitan

By James Vogt and Tammy Vogt
January 5, 2020
Where Do We Go From Here? Purpose

From popularity to purpose.

By James Vogt
December 22, 2019
The Waiting: New Way to Love

God is not...

By James Vogt
December 15, 2019
The Waiting: Freedom

Free to be.

By James Vogt
December 8, 2019
The Waiting: Peaceful Revolution

Jesus, Ghandi, and Banksy.

By James Vogt and Demi Bogle
November 24, 2019
Loving Monday: Giving Thanks

Same day, different perspective.

By Tammy Vogt
November 17, 2019
Loving Monday: Patterns

Walk like you, talk like you.

By James Vogt
November 10, 2019
Loving Monday: New Vision

In the dust.

By Kyler Vogt
November 3, 2019
Loving Monday: Sabbath Rest

Work/rest rhythm.

By James Vogt and Kevin Bravo