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April 5, 2020
Reclaiming Jesus: Power

Horse or Donkey?

By James Vogt
March 29, 2020
Reclaiming Jesus: Stories

Real people.  Real faith.

By James Vogt and Tammy Vogt
March 22, 2020
Reclaiming Jesus: Religion

Something greater.

By James Vogt
March 15, 2020
Facebook Live: Pandemic Sunday

The first Sunday of the Corona Virus shut down.

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By James Vogt and Tammy Vogt
March 8, 2020
Living Shalom: Discouraged

Out of nothing...God creates.

By Tammy Vogt
March 1, 2020
Living Shalom: Aimless

Turn North.  UVSO OZFDR

By James Vogt
February 23, 2020
Living Shalom: Grief

Torn clothes and sitting.

By James Vogt
February 16, 2020
Living Shalom: Change

Cliches and Memes

By James Vogt
February 9, 2020
On Earth as it is in Heaven

Lloyd Moritz

By Lloyd Moritz
February 2, 2020
Where Do We Go From Here? Action over Inaction

The Parable of the M&M's.

By James Vogt