While we all know it takes dollars to run any organization, Origins is committed to giving as many of our financial resources away as possible. We also realize that it often takes dollars to meet needs in our community and world. Because we want to maximize the impact we can have on the world, we will do our best to invest our resources wisely and efficiently.

People tend to give money towards causes and projects they believe in strongly. We hope that Origins can be that kind of organization for you as you watch us strive to bring restoration to that which is in need of repair. So, we encourage all who are a part of Origins to give regularly of their finances by following God's Biblical example of giving Him a 10% return on His 100% investment in us. 


Every second of every day is a gift from God. Out of gratitude for that gift we regularly volunteer our time alongside efforts that better our community and world. We've discovered the truth of the Biblical principle in Matthew 10:38-39 and we hope you will join us in that discovery.


Partner With Us


We also encourage those who consider Origins their church home to take advantage of technology and use online banking as a way of committing to regular and measured giving.  Simply use the following information on your bank's website to set up your automatic tax deductible contributions:

Origins Faith Community
PO Box 629
Ontario, OR 97914