Our Team


Meet Our Team

PastorsPastors James and Tammy Vogt


James Vogt
Cultural Navigator
Steering Origins into the future.

Tammy Vogt
Missional Architect
Making Origins happen, with purpose.



Pastors Alec and Allie Stinson

Alec and Allie Stinson
Pastors of Children and Families




  Office Location:
  312 NW 2nd St. - Ontario


  Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.



Operations Team                          Vision Team                     

Denise Baker                                 Jennifer Teetzen

Greg McClean                               Doug Teetzen

Allie Stinson                                 Vicky Solterbeck

Kay Williams                                 Nelacey Porter

Dean Solterbeck                           Matt Mauney

Bennie Seiders                             Alec Stinson

Allie Stinson                                 Pam Seiders