Our Stories

Origins Faith Community was born when Pastors James and Tammy Vogt sensed this was what God was wanting them to do.  It all started in a living room in 2007 with a handful of dedicated people.  The first public worship gathering was held at the Four Rivers Cultural Center on January 20, 2008.  After two years, Origins moved to their current location.  But that’s just the logistics…

Origins is about so much more than a Sunday worship gathering or a building.  Origins is about intentionally taking God’s light and love to an often dark and hurting world.  Keep scrolling down to read and see how God is using Origins to impact this community, or you may Click Here to watch some highlights videos.  And just in case these stories spark something in you…we would love to have you join us.

"I just wanted you to know that my husband and I attended your last Sundays gathering on Mothers Day and felt uplifted and renewed in spirit during and after the service. The woman gave an incredible testimony both verbally and physically, on how we as a gathered group, some strangers, some friends, could come together as one in Jesus’s name taking communion.

I felt the Holy Spirit filling my soul as she spoke and became closer to him and others around me. We are planning to attend again and bring our adult son with us. Who knew that from going to a yard sale you had just the day before would bring such joy and a remembrance of good people worshiping together in our small community?  A great big THANK YOU to you and to your kind greeters at the door and to the kind ones there to greet us openly once inside." -E.E.


" 'Mark' was sitting in his corner chair looking super down so I sat with him. I was talking to him about how I know that God has big plans for him and of course he doubted me. Another man encouraged Mark saying that if he stays clean and sober he wants him to go with him to visit at the prison in the future. He said because Mark had been there before, on the wrong side, he will be able to reach prisoners that the rest of us can not.

Mark's jaw just dropped. I just smiled. He kept saying things like, 'You really think that God could use me? You really think that I can make a difference?'

We talked for at least an hour and I encouraged him to continue to move forward and not backwards. The change in him during that hour was amazing. He went from wanting to end his life to thinking that maybe God has a plan for him.

God met Mark last night at Origins in a powerful way. " -P.S.

"Origins, I just want to thank you for helping Jesus pull me out of the dark and showing me the light. My life today is so much more than worth living. Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart. The Lord has given me the gift of vision and life today. " -N.P.

"I want to let you know how thankful I am for Origins. There are many reasons one of which is my husband. I grew up with church/God as part of my life. My husband had never gone to church. He is an amazing husband/partner so he has been willing to find a church with me. It was so apparent that he was terrified of walking into any church door worried that he would be judged for his past of not attending or knowing God and the Bible. When we started attending Origins we both felt right at home. It is such a comfortable and welcoming church and as a result we both are learning a lot and I want to thank you guys for that. " -J.K.

"I just want to let you know that last Sunday was amazing! Bill has never really followed my religion much and the topic was just what I needed in order to start the healing process to forgive what had been done to my son from a very close loved one. I know I must have looked frantic trying to find you but I truly believe it was the window of opportunity for Bill to accept Christ and to start his process to heal and to start learning how to forgive.This has been a wedge between us since we found out, which was about a year ago.  I am trying to forgive and he was wanting to hold on and be angry (not healthy at all).  Bill is now reading the Bible with me and we are praying together, this is the first time we have done this in the time we have been together (27 years). Thank you for being there for us." -J.J.

"Worship with you guys always brings me to tears because I can just see how God is working in your church. Every time is a "God moment" for me because He is always in that place, it is wonderful. For the longest time church has been such a struggle for me. It's so nice to see a church family that really is a family instead of just a place where people gather. No one is condemning or preaching at one another, it is just real." -J.S.

"I will soon be graduating drug court. It has been 14 months of self discovery and acceptance. I have learned so much about myself. Finding God again has helped me tremendously! I have found strength I thought I never had. I discovered I am loved and never alone. I have also been blessed to have a man in my life who truly cares for me. THANKS! Praise the Lord! I am proof you can Live while you're alive!" - H.H.

"In most of the time I've sporadically attended Origins, I haven't listened much. It's hard thing to admit to a man who seeks to do so much good. I've always been a music man (for which I have no talents). It speaks to Me like nothing else. It's what kept me coming back. It is also what made me see a Beautiful that shines down when the band plays. I've just started my faith journey again and truly have heard your words for the first time. I could never hear them before. I was way to selfish to hear anything but my own narrow and single minded views. I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping a blind man to see light again." - C.P.

"Our barn is overflowing with wood for the winter because your people came and gave their all splitting logs and carrying them into the barn. Our hearts are overflowing with thanks, thanks, and thanks. There were children, teenagers, and adults...even a new couple to your church who worked until the end. Your group reflected Jesus' spirit. If you could have seen all the big stumps, it looked impossible! But with all those willing hearts and hands, the job was completed in just hours. We will think of you every time we place a log in our wood stove. The warmth it gives to our home, you gave to our hearts. God bless you all!" - S.A.

"I want to seriously and humbly thank you for the awesome sermon on forgiveness. As a result, I reached out to my brother whom I had not spoken to in almost 6 years and we are now having Thanksgiving together!" - J.E.

"Thank you, your new church and new beginning could not have come at a better time. My family and I have gone through some tough times and have some ahead of us. To be able to sit in front of you and hear that even though we make mistakes that we are forgiven was a very joyous/painful experience. I knew that, however I did not listen for quite some time. I look forward to listening to the Lord's word through you from now on. Thank you for waking me up!" - F.H.